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Hi Coaches, I’m Lena! If you’re anything like me, you want to be the difference between your clients having a dream, and them actually fulfilling that dream. You want to show up as an expert in your Niche and stand out as a pro.

Well honey, you’re in the right place because my courses will not only give you the tools you need to become a Coach-PRO, but also give you the confidence you need to get out there and crush the game!

When I first started out, I knew I would crush it, primarily because I was passionate about helping people transform their lives and I thought that was all I needed aside from my certifications to become successful. The thing I didn’t factor in was a road map. The information and resources was out there but I was getting it in nickels, bits and pieces here and there.

I can’t even begin to tell you the drama I went through piecing it altogether in order to create the successful coaching practice that I have now, which enabled me to create a life that I love.

Now, I’m paying all my efforts forward. I’m here to give you what I wish I had when I first started out as a new coach.

A road-map of everything you need in one place!

So…You want be a Coach huh?

Well, you’ve made a good choice if deep down you know you were born to be a coach.

And you're incredibly passionate about being the best coach you can be so you can you help as many people as you can.

You want to guide your clients, elevate their game, and give them the tools they need to hit their goals.

You want to motivate and inspire them to achieve their highest potential...

You want them to live truly extraordinary lives...

And you want to be the extraordinary coach who gets them there.

You already know you have the drive, the desire and the determination to be that coach...

And you know you'll never stop learning and growing, and you'll never stop leveling-up your coaching skills...

But let me ask you this...

Do you know how to structure your coaching business in a way that can support you as you move towards your awesome mission and vision?

Well I’ve worked with many Coaches

and here's what I know...

Most coaches don't have a problem with ambition or motivation. Nor do they lack in skills, passion or creativity... but they're totally stuck when it comes to building a coaching practice that can help them reach more people and change more lives.

If this feels familiar, then you're exactly where you should be. This blueprint will show you how to structure your coaching business and build it out in such a way that will not only draw paying clients to you, but will enable you to design a life that you can fall absolutely in love with, you know, the life you’ve only dreamt of up till now?

Here at Coachpro-Academy, You'll discover the key business strategies and mindset you need to create more space and freedom in your life without dropping the ball on income and client attraction. Imagine that!

And you'll do all of this minus the confusion, overwhelm, and burnout. Sounds good? Great!

Let's get you some tools!

What’s inside Coach-PRO Academy

  • New Coach Accelerator (New Coach Starter Program)

  • Define your Niche- How to make it Searchable & Profitable

  • How To Develop Your Course

  • Group Coaching 101- Scale your Business to six figures

  • Money Making Marketing

  • Social Media Hacks

  • New Coach Kit

  • Business templates & resources

Can you help me?

This is the only question your clients want an answer to!


But in order to do it, you have to get off the cycle of being busy but not productive. By this I mean trying to figure it all out on your own, putting your energy into non-profitable tasks & playing all the roles except coaching. Yes gurl! We’ve all been there and this is why I created these courses, so that you can get started making an impact on people’s lives!

Coachpro-Academy has everything you need to become successful and scale your business to six figures!

My courses are designed to get you off the wheel of perfection, procrastination and confusion by eliminating the tasks where your effort is being wasted so that you can begin to apply your energy to the things that add value to your business in order to focus on your expertise.

New Coach Accelerator $167


With this bundle you’ll get all the essentials to start and scale your business. This course has six detailed videos with workbooks teaching you how to start and grow your business to six figures.

In addition to that…It also includes the New Coach Kit” with over 30 customizable coaching templates form intake forms, contracts, to privacy policies.

And that’s not all…The Niche” program is included. Learn how to define your Niche-make it marketable & profitable.

  • Learn how to create a professional online presence

  • Make your Niche-specific, Marketable & Profitable

  • How to get paying clients by optimizing your website and social media platforms

  • How to leverage social media and stand out as a professional

  • How to build a coaching program

  • How to create an online course

  • Money Making Marketing Strategies

  • how to price your programs

  • 30-Day social media content challenge

Define Your Niche $37.00

Live Video Course

  • How to choose an area of expertise within your Niche.

  • How to make sure your Niche is Marketable & profitable.

  • How to optimize your Niche on Social media & google for better results.

  • Draw your clients to you by getting so Niche-specific, that your audience will think you are speaking directly to them.


  • Niche Workbook

  • 10x10 Matrix-How to break your Niche down to 100 different topics to use for blogs, Marketing, Courses, and webinars.

Grab the New Coach Tool kit $47.00

Every Coach should have a tool kit filled with all the business templates to you need at your disposal, workbooks, coaching frameworks and more. Here’s what you get…

  • 10x10 Matrix- Learn how to break your Niche down to 100 topics for social media content and marketing ideas.

  • How to grow your email list fast.

  • Design & Plan a client attracting website workbook.

  • Client welcome packet templates: (Over 20 editable templates) that includes- Welcome letter, Intake form, Coaching agreement-  Coaching Contracts, Privacy policy, invoice template, self-assessment worksheet, Payment agreement forms and so much more.)

  • New Coach briefcase: Create a Coaching program workbook.

  • How to create an online course workbook & check-list.

  • BONUS: Coaching framework & Individual Coaching Plan template.

Now Available!

Group Coaching 101 $167.00

6-Video Lessons + Customizable Group Coaching Templates forms!

  • The benefits of group coaching & how it differs from 1:1 coaching

  • How to create a group coaching program

  • How to develop the framework to fit the program

  • How much to charge

  • How many people should attend

  • What resources will I need?

  • How to market, sell & launch a group coaching program

  • BONUS- Group Coaching Forms & Templates

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